Yum!!! Hope the were worth the calories!

So a day full of ups and downs..payday finally here so i am not absolutely skint for the first time in weeks..this monthly pay is a feicing killer!!!

I hit Tesco with avengence after work and now my fridge is chocker block full of fruit, veg, low fat yogurts and all types of healthy snacks for me to get back on track and eventually fit into a wedding dress..salad and prawns (no dressing) is waiting in my lunchbox for tomorrow as i type.

My one down fall was making chocolate tuxedo strawberries to bring into work tomorrow for one the girls leaving..of course there was melted (swiss might i add nothing but the best) chocolate left in the bowl and of course i could’nt just stick it straight in the sink or give it to i just had lick that baby clean myself..and oh man was it good.

The shite side of the day was the following

1) I am not talking to himself..we renovated our kitchen a month ago and every weekend since himself has said he will finish the one line of tiles that needs to be done..the small spots of paint that needs to be fixed that i could’nt reach and put up those feicing Ikea hanging pots on the wall. He has not done this. He then gave himself a half day from work yesterday and today as they were not busy..and do you think any of this DIY has been done..ill tell you what was done…nowt!!!! Basically he sat on his arse watching sports all the shit hit the fan today..another day went by where i have to look at partically tiled wall..patchy paint and no Ikea buckets!!!! No apology was given he felt he totally justified that if he did not want to get dirty and sit on his ass watching sports all day he is entitled to in his own house..i dunno, maybe i’m overacting due to time of month..but the only time i did speak to him this evening was to order him out of the sitting room so i could do the 30 Day Shred (flipping needed after all that chocolate i can tell ya) and i seemed to put alot more strength into my punches tonight too so maybe it was good that i was so angry..

2) My exercise buddy keeps letter my down..our Monday walk we had planned was cancelled as she was wrecked and just wanted to be lazy and sit on the couch and then this evening i get a text cancelling our preplanned Zumba class as she again was ‘wrecked’ after exercising earlier that day..seriously sick of it..was really looking forward to going back to Zumba as love those classes but at least i didn’t let me stop me doing exercise and did day 3 of level 1 of the 30 day shred..i wont go to exercise classes by myself and well done to anyone who does but also if you’ve made plans to exercise that evening why do it during the day if your going to be wrecked!! Had to take a good few deep breaths and wait an hour before i texted back..a quite ‘clipped’ toned text also..don’t want to reconsider my exercise buddy as we have such a great laugh and don’t notice the time going but will have to sleep on this one!

Looking onwards and upwards to tomorrow! Will try to post a pic of my choclate tuxedo strawberries as very proud of them..hope everyone in work likes them!!


A bit of a false start

So im surprised I’m able to write at the moment my arms are so tired after doing my workout dvd..

Had a bit of a false start to-day on the getting fit side of things. The exercise part eventually was achieved but it did feel like the world was against me. All my dvds are still boxed up from when we renovated our kitchen and sitting room last month so after himself had the dvd player hooked up it did take feicing ages of routing through boxes to find the much needed work out dvd (hidden in the bottom of a box labeled ‘books’..for the love of..). So day one of level one’s a twenty minute workout and i had to sit down for twenty minutes afterwards before my legs & arms stopped shaking so i could climb upstairs for my shower..Job Done!


The false start was the food side of the went downhill from the start..armed with branflakes and fat-free yogurt i sat down for a healthy brekkie only to spot the yogurt was out of date..eek it was already poured over my cereal so what could I do..i had to bin the lot and choose the cheapest option in the canteen in work..a white scone..oh dear..

Lunch i didn’t do too badly a baked potato, spicy chicken, sweet corn, peppers & low-fat grated cheese..washed down with a diet coke!

Even dinner i was near saint like with wholemeal pasta and a tomato sauce. I then settled in to read my new favourite book ‘Run Fat Bitch Run!’ for a bit of motivation to get me off the couch and into my workout gear..however i read the book while munching my way through a packet of choccie biscuits himself had surprised me with..woe is me..what a gobshite!

I’ll have to get him to start hiding these things on me again! Fingers crossed tomorrow will go better foodwise for me!

Focus on Fitness

As i sit here wiping the crumbs of a beautiful family sized aero chocolate bar from my mouth in my pyjamas ive been wearing since lastnight (it’s been such a busy day ya know) i am vowing that starting tomorrow i will return to excercise. We’ve been ‘on a break’ for the past month..ok, ok past two months..ok since the end of February basically as i’ve had weddings, birthdays, St. Patricks Day, a house renovation, easter, a funeral and a communion the past few months and i’m basically using these as an excuse for not doing anything during the week apart from coming home and sitting on my arse..and eating my weight in choccie and bags of cheese & onion crisps (just writing that is making me want one). I am the person who watches weight loss programmes and when they show the overweight person a table full of goodies that they’ve eaten that week and want them to be disgusted at how they shovel that much grease and fat and sugar into them..i’m looking at that table with a little bit of drool coming down my face.

So tomorrow it is starting afresh! Even though we are penniless until pay day in two days time and im not quite sure how i will afford some fruit, tomorrow is going to be the day i get back on track come rain or shine. I am going to unearth my workout dvd..Jillian Micheals 30 day shred..20 mins of sheer pain but it is brilliant!!! I have asked himself to bring the dvd player downstairs to the sitting room so i can go back to my routine of closing the curtains so no-one is blinded by the site of my boobs, tum and bum wobbling while doing star-jumps and ‘feeling the pain’. I’m also going to root out my slender tone belt..the ultimate lazy way to excercise..sitting on the couch and getting electrocuted every few seconds..himself wondering if the grimace on my face means i’ve got the belt on or im trying to squeeze out a fart…

Wish me luck 🙂

First Date

Well we never really had a first date as not sure if this is more of an American thing or maybe Irish people do go on first dates it was just us who didn’t and it was so long ago i can’t remember if i asked my friends of this was the norm. To be honest it suited me down the ground..crippled with shyness i would’nt answer the phone if he rang for the first month and only would communicate through text messages..he would send me a joke message to start then i would send him one and then back and forth with these messages for 3 or 4 rounds until i would get a ‘So how are you?’ message..

However back to the point of the post i suppose. The closest we got to a first date was the first time we met up after our initial meeting this consisted of me being in one pub with my friend and him being in another pub in the same town watching the same match and texting each other. Me not knowing anything about football my friend who did was telling me what to say in the messages so i sounded like i knew what i was talking about and then at half time himself and his friends got a taxi down to the our pub and we watched the rest of the match together with all our friends..

The time after this being similar, in that i recieved a text message from himself wondering did i want to go to the cinema? Now the film he was going to see i had no interest in but of course i replied saying yes would love to go..Had myself ready for our date and he pulled up to collect me…..with three of his friends in the car again quite a large gathering sort of date..but it suited us, i don’t know what i would of done if the second time i had ever met himself if he taken me to a quite resturant and tried to hold my hand over a linen tablecloth with candlelight illuminating our faces..probably i would of tried to climb out of a bathroom window….

How it all started…

There are two stories to this, the one i tell people of the first time we meet and our relationship started and our first actual meeting so ill start off with the one i tell everyone which is the first time we kissed and after which we began contact each other..

So it was a particularly boozy saturday. My niece’s first communion was that day so i had been drinking with family and friends all day and then that night went to a nightclub with my friend. She as usual did an Irish Exit (leaving without telling anyone) so i was left on my own, thankfully i spotted a friend of my mine who was there with his housemate. I went over and chatted away with the two of them for the rest of the night (with his housemate annoyingly taking most of my cigarettes). I was staying at my sister’s house that nite and the two boys graciously offered to walk me home. On the way home i chatted more and more to the much so that i didn’t even notice we had passed my sister’s house out..and yep you guessed it the housemate is himself (turns out he didn’t even smoke he just keep asking for them from me so he could talk to me..).

The other story of our meeting is once again in a niteclub a few months previous to the above meeting, i had heard about this guy who was in town for the weekend, he was my best friend,s sisters, fiance’s friend (can you keep up with that) he had moved across the country for a job and was home for the weekend so was going to be out that night. The girls going were raving about him and how funny he i was to have my eyeballs peeled for him! Walking into the nightclub i plonked myself down at the table the lads were already waiting for us at and instantly spotted the newbie in the group (hard not to when he’s 6ft 4) i said something to him to strike up a conversation and got a sarcastic comment and a shoulder shrug as a response..i was well and truly put in my brushed that encounter off and moved on. Himself still swears to this day that this is not a true recollection of what happened and he fancied the arse off me that night so would not have been intentionally sarcastic..hmmmmmm

Soppy Stuff..awww

To love someone deeply gives you strength. Being loved by someone deeply gives you courage. ~ Lao Tzu ~

There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage. ~ Martin Luther ~

You Don’t marry someone you can live with – you marry the person who you cannot live without ~ Author Unknown ~

Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own. ~ Robert Heinlein ~

John Lennon said all you need is love, John obviously never met my bank manager. ~ Danny Mc Crossan ~